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Process Automation – Upgrade your business processes

Advanced Workflows

Replace complex and time-consuming processes with an automatic workflow.

  • Forms
  • RPA – Robotic Process Automation
  • Approvals/Tasks
    • Approval/Task Forms
    • Reminders
    • Escalation
    • History
  • Collaboration with externals/clients
  • PDF conversion
  • Automatic emails
  • Notifications


  • Collaborative approval processes
  • End-to-end automated processes with audit trail
  • Document generation oriented processes
  • Integrations with multiple systems
  • Integrations with systems without API

Low-code Apps

Build low-code applications accessible from every device.

  • Mobile apps
  • Portals for clients/externals
  • App-connected workflows
  • Attractive interfaces
  • Barcodes
  • GPS locations
  • Notifications
  • Single sign-on


  • Front line engineer apps
  • Home nurse apps
  • Holiday request apps
  • Asset management apps
  • Department specific apps

Digital Signatures

Speed up processes and avoid time loss by replacing manual signatures with digital (qualified) signatures.

  • Normal electronic signature: Limited legal value
    • E-mail signature
    • Scan of paper signature
  • Advanced electronic signature: Limited legal value
    • Click on a button in an authenticated system
  • Qualified digital signature: High legal value
    • eID signature (Belgium)
    • Itsme signature (Belgium)


  • Internal validation signatures
  • Labor contract signatures
  • Official document signatures


Use artificial intelligence to upgrade repetitive tasks.

  • Category Classification: Categorize text by its meaning so it’s easier to analyze
  • Entity Extraction: Recognize specific information about your business from your data
  • Form Processing: Read and save information from standard documents
  • Object Detection: Recognize and count things in images
  • Identity Card Recognition: Automatically process ID cards
  • Prediction: Predict whether something will happen


  • Invoice data extraction
  • Email classification
  • Decision prediction

Document Generation

  • Template based document generation
  • Bulk document generation
  • PDF, PDF/A-1 or PDF/A-2 conversion
  • Digitally sealed documents


  • Invoice document generation
  • Letter document generation
  • Contract document generation
  • Document generation with digital signature
  • Document generation with digital seal

Digital Seals

Replace digital signatures with a digital seal for specific scenarios.

  • No waiting for people to sign
  • No issues with holidays/absences
  • Legal value depends on national/international scenarios


  • Digitally seal documents without human intervention
  • Bulk seal for hundreds of documents